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Become an Insutanto Affiliate Today
With 30% Recurring Commisions

Insutanto wants to PAY you, even if you're not a customer, for introducing your family, friends and colleagues to the platform.

For every sign up you manage to get on the Insutanto platform, Insutanto will pay you 30% commission based on the value of the new customer!

Promote it on your own, and use your referral link to really start bringing in some extra monthly income!

Benefits of Becoming an Insutanto Affiliate

30 Day Cookie

If you're really looking to cash in big time every month, then Insutanto is the place to be. Our affiliate program is designed with you in mind, so you can easily scale your affiliate efforts!

30% Recurring Commisions

Insutanto is proud to offer some of the highest affiliate percentages in the digital world, with our 30% RECURRING commissions you can easily get PAID every month.

Pay For Your Own Account

Even if you're not looking to become a high earning Insutanto Affiliate, just two affiliates signed up through your link will pay for your account every month!