6 Tips to Boost Your Email Clickthrough Rate

Email marketing is all about sending emails to people who want to consume more of your valuable content and to learn more about your small business.

In the ideal world, your subscribers open every single email you send them and engage with whatever call-to-action you may have. But that isn’t always the case for email marketing. There are two common problems we face with email marketing:

  • Your emails are getting lost in your subscriber’s inbox (they get too many email or the subject line is not eye-catching). They could also be getting spammed. This, in turn, will decrease your CTR.
  • Readers are opening your email but not clicking on the call to action (CTA) which affects the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your mails.

Both of these factors may make you lose faith. You might feel like giving up on email marketing. But don’t! Below are 6 email marketing tips that you need to implement right away to enhance your emails’ CTR.

6 Email Marketing Tactics to Boost Your CTR
1) Email Your New Contacts Within the First 24 Hours 

It’s critical that you make you reach out to your new subscriber while your content and small business is still fresh in their mind. Don’t worry, you won’t have to write a new email to every subscriber. Instead, establish an automation that’s triggered the instant someone signs up for any offer on your website or your newsletter. It’s a terrific way to set expectations for your contacts and give them a glimpse of things to come.

You are missing out on an important part of the nurturing process if you do not reach out to them within the first 24 hours… This is a huge mistake you need to quit making.

2) Send the Email From a Person and Not Your Small Business

Research suggests when an email is from a person, as opposed to a brand/company, open rates increase. This is because people trust a name and it’s personal as opposed to a brand name.

Bear in mind that we’re living in a world where folks subscribe that they’re inundated by emails from right left and center. Instead of sending email like this:

Sender name: Small Business Deacon
Sender email address: support@smallbusinessdeacon.com

emailTry this…

Sender name: Ashley
Sender email address: ashley@smallbusinessdeacon.com

By adding a personal touch to your email campaigns, you can distinguish your content in their inbox and significantly improve your click-through rate (CTR).

3) Use Mobile-Friendly Email Templates

email-clickthrough-rateSince the rise of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other smart devices, more people now prefer to check their email with their mobile devices. According to Litmus, email analytic reports have found that 56% of emails are opened on mobile devices from over 1.4 million emails they sent out during an email campaign.

So that’s why it’s important to choose a template that’s mobile-friendly and responsive. Preview the template in mobile mode and send a test email and open it on your smartphone to see how it looks.

4) Write Eye-Catching Subject Lines 

Your mails are currently competing with several emails within the readers’ inbox. Consequently, you need to create subject lines that are eye-catching and intriguing.

Follow these tips to maximize your subject lines:

  • Subject lines should be fewer than 50 characters so that they’re not cut out by mobile email apps
  • Include verbs and action-oriented terminology to create a sense of excitement and urgency.
  • Prevent spam trigger words, such as “Free Money”, “As Seen On”, “Fast Cash”, etc.
  • Contain an exclusive value proposition (such as a 20 percent off deal or an ebook) so people know what they’re getting.
  • Use time (By using words like “Limited Time Offer”)
  • Personalize (occasionally; do not over do it for the danger of sounding overly intrusive)

5) Maintain your email copy brief and concise

email-clickthrough-rateNobody has the time to read emails that are long. Generally, subscribers prefer to read short emails opposed to long ones. Also, too much content is a red flag for spam alert.

Brands attempt to cram in as much information as they can in their backup, although this may look like a no-brainer. This is most likely due to another school of thought which goes along the lines of, “If my readers have signed up to get email updates from us, then clearly they wish to read as much as possible in our emails.”

However, research shows something different. According to research done by Nielson Norman Group, the average time allocated to an email newsletter after launching it’s just 51 seconds. Quite often, readers only skim through the email.

On top of keeping emails concise and straight to the point, here are some more tips you can use:

  • Get to the point — Subscribers usually tend to jump through the introductory part, so avoid adding any significant information here.
  • Concentrate on your message – Avoid talking about too many topics in one email.
  • Make it easy to read for skimmers.

Here’s a perfect example from Dropbox on the way to maintain your emails brief and to the point:

6) Include Only One CTA Button and Add Links To Your Images

Since most people wont’t fully your email, you’ll want to include a CTA button that prominent and attracts the reader.

Research finds that readers are more likely to click a CTA if there is only one button on your email to click-through. The only time we recommend you breaking this rule is for your newsletter.

Has you got your click-through rate of your email campaigns improved? Tell us in the comments section.

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